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At 109 years old, Cadillac has reason to celebrate the fact that it’s still a thriving brand after so much time. Now, thanks to a small town of Barton, Vermont there is another reason to celebrate.  Thanks to recent events the Guinness World Book of Record has a new achievement, the longest Cadillac parade ever.

The staged parade of Cadillac both new and old was planned to commemorate Cadillac founder, Henry Leland’s hometown heritage. Leland was born in Barton in 1843.  This feat was how the town decided to open the annual Orleans County Fair.

With 298 models such as the Fleetwood, DeVille, and CTS driving the route, the parade was certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest-ever parade of Cadillacs. All participants wanted to be part of automotive history. A sea of fins, chrome, convertibles, and hardtops was trying to roll into the record books. By the time they had finished lining up the assembled cars, they had a line nearly a mile long. This attempt smashes the previous record of 102, set in 2002 in the Netherlands almost three times over.

The brand that once called itself the “standard of the world” certainly set a new standard in Vermont.

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