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We know you are young at heart but… sooner or later, comfort enters into the equation. Whether you’re 45 or 65, you may start thinking about a vehicle that can conform to your frame, instead of the other way around.

Small cars tend to be low to the ground and often don’t have the room a more mature torso needs. Big cars often involve a step up to get in, so while they have the space you need, they’re equally hard to get in and out of. Therefore medium size might be the way to go, they offer easy entrance, ideal visibility, adjustable steering wheel, and possibly heated seats, lumbar support and adjustable pedals.

Penske Automotive Group recommends:

1. Infiniti G37: Offers sporty driving, low price and heaps of space.

2. Honda CR-V LX: It sits at just the right height for you to slide into the driver’s seat, the dash is pleasantly clear of clutter, and handling and braking are impeccably tuned. Plus, it offers high gas mileage and loads of cargo room.

3. Mazda5 Grand Touring: Offering not only a low-riding stance but also seats with adjustable lumbar support and the front seats are heated.

4. Volvo V50: Adopting a holistic view of safety that encompasses both preventive and protective safety this station wagon is the way to go. Plus it offers a very spacious and maneuverable interior family, friends and driver will sure to be comfortable in.

5. Ford Taurus Limited: Ten-way power front seats will keep you comfortable on your ride, and adjustable pedals are available in a $2,000 option package. The ample trunk space is great for packing heavy for long trips, or handling golf bags.

6. Toyota Avalon: If you want comfort this is the car for you, almost like driving in a cloud. With an eight-way power driver’s seat with power lumbar adjustment, you’ll be able to get that conforming to you feeling. Choose the Driver Seat Memory option ($1,020) and your golden.

7. Honda Odyssey EX-L: Some of the reasons families like minivans are the same reasons that make them great for older people. Low step-in height, a button for everything from opening doors to stowing seats, a gentle ride, and first-class safety are just some great features.

8. Chrysler 300C: The doors open wide for easy entry, and the dash is clean with big, easy-to-use controls. Heated seats, rearview camera, and the pedals and steering wheel adjust at the touch of a button are all features you will come to rely on.

9. Lexus RX 350: The stylish Lexus is your answer for comfort. The front seats adjust at the touch of a button and the driver’s seat slides forward and aft automatically to make entry and exit a snap. A one-year subscription to Safety Connect provides an emergency assist button and collision notification.

10. Mercedes-Benz E350: This IIHS Top Safety Pick says you’ve arrived but is, above all, comfortable and safe. Seats adjust 14 ways and standard Attention Assist monitors your driving for signs of drowsiness and reminds you to take a break.

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