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You’ve joked about it, fretted over it, and now the moment is at hand: your baby is learning to drive and eager to hit the open road.

The Penske Automotive Group are parents too, we understand, you’re not entirely sure your child is ready. We know safety is your priority will it be your childs?  Will they obey your instructions? Or will they tune you out and speed around town with a carload of friends?

Let’s be clear on a key point: There’s no question that how you drive is more important to safety than what you drive. The newest, most tech-savvy vehicle in the world is still a potential death trap in the hands of a reckless or impaired driver; a hand-me-down car with long mileage can still be driven safely.

Still, when it comes to buying a car for a first-timer, many parents would agree with experts that those with impressive safety features are tops. Choosing a car with stellar crash performance and features such as mandatory air-bags and electronic stability control can boost your child’s odds in an accident and preserve your peace of mind.

With that in mind, we recommend when you look at Penske models considering the following:

Safety First
This is a tough one but in choosing a car with the goal of keeping your driver in one piece analyze the small cars versus mid-size/full sedans versus the SUVs.  You have to look at affordability as well as safety features for a crash-prone driver. Overall we recommend you reconsider getting your new driver behind the wheel of a small cars or SUVs.  Best option midsize or full-size sedans, being the safest vehicles overall.

Outside of wearing your seat belt, electronic stability control, or ESC, is now widely viewed as the biggest potential life-saver in an automobile. So pay attention to electronic stability control, it can actually prevent accidents.  This is because it senses and reliably corrects sudden loss of traction or control. Something inexperienced drivers are least equipped to handle.

Great With Gas
At $3 and more a gallon, buying fuel can really start adding up. So for younger drivers with limited funds and habit of borrowing from the bank of mom and dad a gas guzzler isn’t the best option. How do you choose subcompacts rate fuel efficient but raise the safety issue again or bigger car that as a rule get lower mileage.

So parents how to proceed with your child’s first car… It’s a big decision affecting all of your  family.  The Penske Auto Group family suggests you take some time, do some research and come talk to our sales team when you’re ready.  We are all family people and understand your concerns. When you visit us we’ll be happy to show you several options, walk you through the features and share our own experiences. Our goals is to keeping your new driver safe on the road of life.

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