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Maybe you commute. Maybe you travel. Maybe you just like to drive. In any case, smartphone apps are key and not just for navigation. The Penske Automotive Group staff has come up with a list of apps that we find really helpful when we are out on the road. One suggestion, we do discourage distracted driving so please plan ahead and use these resources before you set off for your destination.
iPhone users consider:
This is one of the coolest apps on the iPhone, period. Dynolicious uses your phone’s built-in accelerometers to recording everything from 0-60 times, commute times, annotated with stats. This app will even provide you with colorful annotated graphs to map out your traditional driving habits. Keep in mind there is a price tag associated with this tool.
Road Trip
Allows you to diligently track you gas purchases and consumption, along with price. As long as you’re diligent about entering data, this app will provide a complete readout of what you’ve spent on gas, and how. For $5 the app will even help you with trip expense report and track your vehicle maintenance.
AAA TripTik
One of many gas price comparison apps in the app store, AAA TripTik which is great for having a well-maintained database of prices, and for including lots of extras such as points of interest and voice navigation. Guess what it is free for iPhone users.

A speed trap finder with mixed reviews, mainly for poor design and unreliable data.

Car Finder
Have trouble finding your car at the mall parking lot. This one is for you a GPS to find your vehicle

Comes in handy if say you ever crashed your car into a tree. If you are in this situation click on the app and it will walk you through step by step what you should do after the accident.

Really useful for pointing out points of interests you may need like gas station, hospital or hotels.

Android users these are for you:
You can use this for everything, it makes to-do-lists a piece of cake. It performs a set of actions given certain rules and context. For example if you put Car Home in app it will then remind you to take keys, grab Garmen and get groceries out of trunk. As an added bonus you can program it to read text messages out loud. Keep in mind you will have to pay for this pleasure.
Come on, we’ve all wondered where the hell we parked our cars before. With ParkDroid, you can tag your parking spot so you’ll never have to comb through every street to find your car again.
GasBuddy maps out nearby gas stations or gas stations near a certain point so you’ll always know where the best place to fill up is. This app is free, lucky you.

An app that can track maintenance, fuel mileage and other mechanical type things.

It’s a speedometer app, as in it’ll tell you how fast you’re going

Lets you know where speedtraps are on your route

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