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The Buick Verano is making headlines this week with its new “no more bad hair days” campaign.  On Tuesday, Buick announced that the 2012 Verano is designed for the utmost comfort – especially for people with ponytails or large hair dos.

Buick spent 1,000 hours perfecting the interior comfort of the Verano.  From tall men to short women, all types of people were invited to sit down and test out the seats to ensure comfort for everyone.  One of those testers had a ponytail, prompting the designers to address the issue of drivers who can’t comfortably use the headrest when they’re wearing their hair up.

Although the media has been focusing in on the improved headrest for ponytails, perhaps because it seems like a unique feature for the auto company to mention at all, the Verano’s interior received other upgrades as well.  The seating is designed to prevent hot spots on long road trips, the new headrest is squishy and plush, and the seats use French-stitched leather.

The Verano now sports the same premium leather, support foam, and padding as the LaCrosse.  Seat bolsters provide support and comfort.  The door armrest is now padded, the center console armrest can be adjusted and noise-reducing technology ensures a quiet ride.  Everything is designed to increase comfort and satisfaction.

While the auto industry as a whole seems skeptical of this advertising tactic, the truth is that for a woman wearing a ponytail, headrests can be uncomfortable.  They push your head forward, forcing you to crane your neck.  However, is it enough of a problem to be a major selling point for women?  We’ll have to find out later this fall, when the Verano goes on sale.  What do you think?  Would more comfortable headrests attract you as a customer?

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