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Throughout the next few months our Women in the Driver’s Seat series will feature a new female team member from within our global organization, highlighting their professional achievements, how they have overcome challenges in their careers and the advice they would give to women considering a career in the automotive industry.

This week we are pleased to introduce Giovanna Marago!


“Don’t worry about failing. Be worried if you don’t try it.”

What attracted you to the automotive industry?

First, I have always been strongly attracted by environments that are predominantly male and in Italy, the automotive industry was, and still is, one of those industries. It’s always been challenging and very stimulating for me to step into an organization where often females are not as present. Besides, I always have had a soft spot for luxury cars, especially for the BMW brand and at the end of my studies in Milan I had the opportunity to get connected with BMW Italy. It has been a dream come true.

What was your first job in the automotive industry?

Back-office dealer training at BMW Italy.

What is your proudest professional achievement?

To be successful in gaining, in a short time, the trust and respect of my colleagues wherever I have worked.

What motivates you every morning?

The possibility to improve my know-how and to always learn something new as well as the possibility to be helpful for many of my colleagues in managing their daily business.

How have you overcome challenges in your career?

By focusing on teamwork, not comparing myself with my colleagues, and trying to always keep a positive environment. Besides when you face a professional challenge it’s important to see the challenge as an opportunity and not as an obstacle. That’s what I have always done.

Looking back on the last decade, how have you seen the automotive industry landscape change and evolve to engage more women?

In recent years, women have increased their presence in the automotive industry and it’s clear that they positively contribute to changing an industry where the gender gap is still wide, especially in management roles, and an industry that is still typically managed with a male perspective. Diversity is a precious resource within a company and female enhancement contributes to the competitiveness and success of the organization; female knowledge, creativeness and soft skills can really add value within every working group.

What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in the auto industry?

Don’t be afraid to choose challenging routes that are almost always considered exclusive for men. All you need is a healthy dose of humbleness followed by courage and stubbornness.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

I really like traveling everywhere, sea destinations are my favorite. I also love to relax by taking a walk through the hills with my partner. Last but not the least reading and playing sports make me feel really good.

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