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Throughout the next few months our Women in the Driver’s Seat series will feature a new female team member from within our global organization, highlighting their professional achievements, how they have overcome challenges in their careers and the advise they would give to women considering a career in the automotive industry.

This week we are pleased to introduce Carin Czerniawski!


Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth.”

What attracted you to the automotive industry?  I originally applied to Porsche Fairfield simply because I needed a job after college and was intrigued by the idea of working for a luxury automotive brand. I very quickly felt that I had found my home with the industry, the people and the Penske organization.

What was your first job in the automotive industry?  Sales Administrator at Porsche Fairfield

What part of your job do you find most satisfying?  Seeing employees succeed and grow their career within Penske Automotive Group. During interviews, our team emphasizes that one of the best benefits we offer is the chance for growth within the organization. It is really cool to see that come to fruition, especially when you are part of that person’s journey.

What is your proudest professional achievement?  Becoming a mentor. I have spent my career thus far learning as much as I possibly can from the people I work with on a daily basis. While I continue to do that, I am proud that I have gotten to a point where I can share my knowledge and help guide someone as they start their HR career in the industry.

What motivates you every morning?  To be the best. I am a former competitive athlete and the drive to be #1 will always be a part of me. I want to continue to push the envelope and see what our team can achieve!

How have you overcome challenges in your career?  Just by continuing to persevere. There are always going to be challenges that you must face on a daily basis. You may have to get creative about how you overcome those challenges, but there is almost always a solution. I also don’t go at it alone. I rely on the team I have around me every day – without them, I would not be in the position I am in today.

Looking back on the last decade, how have you seen the automotive industry landscape change and evolve to engage more women? Not only do you see more women in leadership roles, but I think you see more women in general in the industry. I believe our team has always had the mindset that it’s not about having a female on the team just because, but to have the right person who is going to succeed in that particular role. I have seen a lot more women come through the door who have the confidence and drive to make a name for themselves in a historically male dominated industry.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve received? When I first started at Porsche, one of the salesmen told me to think of myself and my career like a tomato – when you’re red you’re rotten, and when you’re green you’re growing. It was so corny that it always stuck with me. I never want to be complacent and want to keep improving myself and my value to the organization.

What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in the auto industry?  If you are going to get into the automotive industry, get ready to put in the work. It’s hard work, and you need to have thick skin, but the reward is well worth it!

What hobbies do you enjoy?  CrossFit, traveling and spoiling my dogs.

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