When it comes to the hybrid market, we assume – as most of you probably do as well – that the United States is at the top of the list to get whatever hybrid models an automaker builds. That vision is apparently altering for the Germans, though, as Audi is not bringing this A8 Hybrid to the States, instead favoring Western Europe and particularly Asia. Find an international Audi dealership here.

The start of deliveries in Europe already commenced in May, and Asian deliveries will start by 2013 as Audi mulls bringing the long-wheelbase version there, as well as a right-hand-drive model. The choice to not invite North American consumers to the party might not be a forever sort of thing, but at least for the next few years, the plan appears to be set in stone.

To be honest, Audi’s full parallel hybrid strategy, along with that of parent Volkswagen Group’s larger cars and SUVs in general, isn’t terribly amazing – there’s no thinking going on outside of the box here. Across the entire VW corporate family, the better choice for these bigger cruisers is always the range of outstanding diesels that generally weigh less and can cost less than their hybrid brethren. Nonetheless, Audi’s high-tech image demands that the brand show it can play in every alternative propulsion sector. With China being Audi’s best market by far, this A8 Hybrid has that nation writ all over its business plan.


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